Dare To Fly

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There's a clear blue sky and a light cool breeze blowing through your hair. And you look above into the sky and see a bird fly by. To be yourself is to be free, one with God's Divinity. Spread your wings far and wide, feeling all that is. You can feel it now taking hold of you, releasing all your fears. The spell is lifted and you're free to go. Soar the skies above. Trust yourself. You know how. It's all familiar now. Above the sky and into the sun, feeling all that is.

Fly free with Me, high above the clouds, gliding in the wind, transcending all things. Dare to fly high, spirit alive. Free to choose unlimited sky.

The heart beats faster as you start to climb. Fear and doubt are left behind. Stormy clouds with forceful winds can toss you from side to side. Trust yourself. Seek the eye of the storm. Peace is found within the source. Quiet the mind. Be one with the Self. Be still and know I Am.


Love Allows Music and Lyrics

  1. Dare To Fly
  2. Love Allows
  3. Each Has A Journey
  4. Self Realized Butterfly
  5. Bearers of Light
  6. The First Will Be Last
  7. Go Within
  8. You're On Holy Ground
  9. Come And Realize
  10. Death Has No Power
  11. Don't Walk By
  12. Love Allows Instrumental
  13. Let Us Remember

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