Love Allows (Instrumental)

Don't look back. Past is past. Things do change. They always do. Who's to blame? No one is. Still love you. I always will. Much was learned, thanks to you. No regrets, nothing less. Feel no guilt. Erase the pain. You're free to go, no strings attached.

Love allows. That's how I shall love you. Love never crowds. That's how I shall love you.

Broken heart, can't describe. Crushed inside, I'm all alone. Where to go, I don't know. Still in shock, I love you so. Must let go, can't control. You're free to choose the life you live. Can't explain all the pain. Why me? I loved you so.

Love Allows Music and Lyrics

  1. Dare To Fly
  2. Love Allows
  3. Each Has A Journey
  4. Self Realized Butterfly
  5. Bearers of Light
  6. The First Will Be Last
  7. Go Within
  8. You're On Holy Ground
  9. Come And Realize
  10. Death Has No Power
  11. Don't Walk By
  12. Love Allows Instrumental
  13. Let Us Remember

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